Case Study 03/08/23

The Foundation shows it’s support to war veterans with a £30,000 donation

The Foundation shows it’s support to war veterans with a £30,000 donation

Blesma, The Limbless Veterans was formed in the years following the First World War and became a national charity in 1932. Today, its mission remains: to assist limbless and injured veterans to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Blesma provides a wide range of practical support to aid rehabilitation, and recreational activities to promote physical and emotional well-being among their Members. By focusing on individual needs and creating a supportive community where Members-support-Members, Blesma aims to empower veterans and their families to overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities.

Supporting Blesma Members to Get Active: Our £30,000 donation to Blesma plays a vital role in helping limbless and injured veterans to engage in adaptive sports and physical activities. With the help of this contribution, Blesma Members will have access to specially adapted sporting equipment, facilitating their participation in individual sporting activities. Additionally, the funds will support regionally based sporting activities, allowing Members to try out adapted sports in their local areas.

Blesma’s CEO, Jon Bryant, said: “We are hugely grateful to the Matchroom Charitable Foundation for this very generous donation.  Many Blesma Members come to our Association after injury or illness feeling that they will no longer be able to do many of the things they used to.  Taking part in sport and challenging activities with other Members is a fantastic way of showing what is still achievable. Matchroom’s funding will help us to continue providing this vital support in the future.”

A Blesma Member who recently received similar support, said: “I have been incredibly fortunate to receive support for Blesma. The support that I received contributed heavily towards Ice Hockey equipment costs. I can’t thank Blesma enough for their support, and I am so grateful. My Blesma Support Officer also deserves recognition, his support has been instrumental, he calls up every now and then to check in and his gentle manner and kind words certainly do not go unnoticed.”

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