Case Study 20/06/23

Matchroom Foundation Supports REACH's Vision for Outdoor Learning Spaces

Matchroom Foundation Supports REACH's Vision for Outdoor Learning Spaces

At Matchroom Foundation, we are thrilled to announce our recent donation of £25,000 to REACH, a charity dedicated to providing Equine Therapy and alternative education to children in Essex. This partnership aligns with our commitment to supporting initiatives that make a positive impact on communities, especially those focused on education, well-being, and inclusivity.

REACH currently works with Essex County Council to deliver alternative education to children in the region. Their innovative approach includes therapeutic and educational packages that involve working with horses. However, recognizing the potential for even greater impact, REACH aims to create an outdoor space that will expand the range of learning experiences available to the children they serve.

The funds provided by Matchroom Foundation will contribute to the realization of this inspiring project. Among the planned enhancements are:

  1. Shed: A dedicated space to shelter materials and tools, providing a practical and organized area for activities.
  2. Polytunnel including installation: This addition will offer a versatile covered space, allowing for activities in various weather conditions and seasons.
  3. Insurance: Ensuring the safety and well-being of participants and equipment is a top priority, and this investment will help secure comprehensive coverage.
  4. Container for storage: A secure storage solution to house essential equipment and materials, contributing to the overall efficiency of the outdoor learning space.
  5. Fencing: Previously funded, this crucial element ensures the safety and security of the outdoor area.
  6. Office Expansion: Recognizing the need for a larger workspace, REACH plans to invest in expanding their office facilities, allowing them to better serve their growing community.

REACH envisions the outdoor space not only benefiting children involved in the Essex County Council contract but also extending its offerings to privately-referred clients and special educational needs schools. This expansion aligns with our foundation’s mission to support organizations that go above and beyond to create positive change in the lives of those facing challenges.

“We are very excited about this project, and receiving this generous donation from Matchroom will allow us to grow and offer alternative services to our clients,” says Beth Lovell from Reach “Helping those with disabilities, learning needs, and mental health challenges is always at the forefront of what we are doing as a charity. Being able to offer an outdoor space to these children will further allow them to grow and learn in a safe and natural environment, which has been proven to be so beneficial.” Louise Lees the Charity Founder says ‘she is thrilled to be able to expand our services and grow with the needs of the children and adults that attend our Centre.’