Case Study 28/09/22

Matchroom Charitable Foundation reaches over £2 million in donations

The Matchroom Charitable Foundation has now donated over £2 million to 29 charities and 63 grants with more grants made in the last 12 months than ever changing lives for people across the length and breadth of the UK thanks to vital funding.

Over the last 12 months, funded has allowed charities such as the Jessie May Children’s Hospice, St Francis Hospice, Haven House Children’s Hospice, British Disabled Angling, Alexandra Palace Parks Trust and more receive vital funding for projects that make a difference as they recover from a slump in overall funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A £300,000 donation over the next three years will allow the Addenbrook’s Charitable Trust at Cambridge Children’s Hospital to open up a dedicated children’s rehabilitiation gym and therapites room which will be known as the Matchroom Gym. The funding is part of a wider groundbreaking project worth nearly £200 million between the Cambridge University Hospitals, Cambridge University and the NHS.

Through the rehabilitation facilities, they will provide dedicated therapy spaces for children, making it easier to provide specific, tailored therapies in calm, age-appropriate environments. This will ensure that children can be physically active, supporting them in their recovery, whilst also building self-confidence and improving their mental health.

The funding has allowed Jessie May provide 5,113 hours of face to face support to 136 families and over 80 support hospital visits, and over 135 hours of support phone calls.

Comments from familites supported by Jessie May underline just how vital their work is: “Without you (Jessie May) I’m not sure if I’d still be here, I often feel alone and unable to go on. Too much stress and sadness from too many angles. My Jessie May nurses help me see bright spots in the darkness.”

“Just knowing they [Jessie May nurses] are there, that they know our family and that they would be there as my daughter was approaching end of life. That is a comfort knowing they are part of a safety net that we have.”

St Francis Hospice and Haven House Children’s Hospice will receieve a donation of £150,000 over three years each whilst further donations from the foundaition will allow Phase 2 of Alexandra Palace’s Wild in the Park Programme.

2022 has seen the foundation donate to more causes and commit more funding to more projects than ever before with 16 grants made – it has allowed the British Disabled Angling Association open up the UK’s most participated sport open up for more through iniativies whilst England and Wales Blind Golf received funding which helps them provide support for impaired golfers with the opportunity to get involved in golf allows EWBG to host training events, lessons for juniors and support for their families along with national competitions and social golf.

Charities to Benefit 

Charities Grants Made
Alexandra Palace Parks Trust 4
Bluebell Wood 3
British Disabled Angling 2
Future Youth Zone 2
Haven House Children’s Hospice 6
Jessie May 6
J’s Hospice 4
Kangaroo Disability Clubs 1
Parkinsons UK 1
Pioneer Special School 1
Silence of Suicide 1
St Francis Hospice 6
Teens Unite 1
The Donna Louise Trust 3
Cyclists Fighting Cancer 1
Handicapped Children’s Action Group 1
Paces Sheffield 1
James Hopkins Trust 1
Galloways 1
Animal Antiks 1
Remus Horse Sanctuary 1
Hopefields Animal Sanctuary 1
Strongbones, Romford 1
Royal Society for Blind Children 1
Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust 1
England and Wales Blind Golf 1
Grand Total 63


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  • Support provided :