Case Study 18/11/20

Matchroom Charitable Foundation donates £5000 to Silence of Suicide

Matchroom Charitable Foundation donates £5000 to Silence of Suicide

SOS was set up by a husband and wife duo Yvette and Michael following their multiple life experiences of losing loved ones to suicide.

Originally in 2015 as a support group, they formed a charity in 2017 where the core focus is on providing free group meetings in a safe physical place/ online to people who have been affected by suicide.

They provide vital support to children and adults struggling with their emotional health and aim to eradicate shame, stigma and silence that can inhibit necessary conversations around emotional illness and suicide.

‘SOS is about building individual and collective resilience, empowering everyone to believe in their own self worth’

£5000 was donated to this charity for the incredible work they do and Matchroom are pleased to support the service SOS provide. The money has helped the SOS Angels project roll out and is enabling them to expand their advertising, reaching those who need them most, wherever they are based.