Case Study 12/02/24

Matchroom Charitable Foundation Boosts Transformative Childhood Encephalitis Research at Eden Dora Trust with a £35,000 Contribution

Matchroom Charitable Foundation Boosts Transformative Childhood Encephalitis Research at Eden Dora Trust with a £35,000 Contribution

Eden Dora Trust is at the forefront of a compassionate mission, extending unwavering support to families navigating the challenges of childhood Encephalitis. Moving beyond the realms of traditional research, the trust is committed to understanding the intricate dynamics of how Encephalitis affects children, parents, and siblings.

Encephalitis is an inflammation or swelling of the brain, caused by a virus, an infection, or an autoimmune response that anyone can get, at any time. It is a life-altering condition that can severely impact the lives of children and their families. The Eden Dora Trust was set up to offer support to children and their families affected by Encephalitis and subsequent childhood Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) through support, information, education, and research. They understand first hand the devastating impact that Encephalitis/ABI can have on the lives of those affected.

Eden Dora Trust empower educators to understand the different needs of children with Acquired Brain Injuries in schools. Offering professional workshops, study days, and extensive information to provide support to all concerned.

Matchrooms £35,000 contribution is allocated to strengthen the trust’s pioneering research program, specifically homing in on the consequences of childhood Encephalitis. This research will address a significant gap in the scientific literature by characterising the consequences of Encephalitis occurring in childhood (for the child/young person, parents, and siblings); and by investigating the subsequent Acquired Brain Injury. This research is critical to ensuring correct guidelines are developed and in place for educators, medical professionals and anyone involved with the support of a child/young person affected by Encephalitis. This ensures the young person receives the correct care and support and will also raise vital awareness in the process.

The financial backing from Matchroom Charitable Foundation will also play a crucial role in organizing and facilitating family retreats. These are designed for families to talk, share experiences, and gain help and support from not only each other, but importantly also the professionals and experts invited to attend. This will help the parents in countless capacities and will allow children and young people to spend important time with other professionals and peers sharing, learning, and being understood and accepted for perhaps the first time since their ABI.

Leila, the mother of Matty, a young child who has benefitted from the support of Eden Dora Trust said “The support from people who have been there, The Eden Dora Trust for children with Encephalitis, is genuinely invaluable. It’s not a faceless charity, you know their knowledge is first-hand, and it means the world to know that there are people there for you.”

Petrina Sill, CEO of Eden Dora Trust said “We would like to thank Matchroom Charitable Foundation for their support and incredible donation, making the vital research we are starting, a reality and not just a vision.”

Here is a link to a page on their website describing the stories of some of the children and families they support – explaining why they do what they do: