The Marillac Neurological Care Centre

The Marillac Neurological Care Centre formerly Marillac Care was founded on the 8th of September 1921, by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent De Paul. The service was initially designed to meet the needs of patients suffering from Tuberculosis.

In 1953 following advancements in Tuberculosis treatment, the Department of Health asked the Daughters of Charity to set up a new service for younger disabled people. It maintained the same service profile until 2018/19, when changes to the NHS Commissioning meant that the service had to be redesigned to meet the current needs of the ever-changing population.

The Marillac Neurological Care Centre employs nearly 200 staff to provide care and rehabilitation services for 52 residents, on 3 units and 3 pre discharge bungalows. This includes a full care and treatment team of Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Therapy Assistants, Music Therapist, and a Psychologist. A full team of support services from our in-house Catering Team, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Finance and Reception and not forgetting our Activities and Administration Team who ensure the service is kept running.

At 102 years old, it became an Independent Charity only 2 years ago and has proved to be the service of choice for many NHS Commissioners. Being placed on the Essex / London border has meant that the Marillac Neurological Care Centre is accessible to a large geographical area, which has again proved popular with London Commissioners.