Case Study 07/09/23

£45,000 donation over the next three years for England and Wales Blind Golf

£45,000 donation over the next three years for England and Wales Blind Golf

The Foundation has made an annual donation of £15,000 for the next three years to the England and Wales Blind Golf Charity. The monies will use used to cover costs of a programme to fund young blind golfers to join their local golf clubs with a target of supporting 15-20 youngsters access to the game in the first year. The charity also actively looks to attract new members, clubs and guides to support blind golfers and either keep them in the game or encourage them to take up the sport.

Being told you are losing your sight can be difficult to come to terms with, with common effects being depression and a loss of confidence. Many people do not receive essential support in relation to their sight loss, and often results in difficulties finding work.

England and Wales Blind Golf is a volunteer run charity, supporting people going through sight loss by providing golf experiences for all levels, be it social or competitive. With blind golf being a sport where the player requires the help of a sighted person it really is a way of bringing people together and tackling some of life’s hurdles with a friend on your shoulder. Blind Golf is an inspiration, showing how individuals can overcome the adversity of sight loss and take on the challenges, support and social interaction that comes with England & Wales Blind Golf.

Some concerning statistics from a recent survey conducted by the RNIB show how EWBG has a major role to play. More than 2 million people are living with sight loss in the UK.

Every day 250 people in the UK start to lose their sight, this is equivalent to 1 person every 6 minutes.

Key stats:

  • Only 17% of people experiencing sight loss are offered emotional support in relation to their deteriorating vision.
  • More than 40% of people attending low vision clinics are suffering from symptoms of clinical depression.
  • People with sight loss were more than twice as likely to have experienced difficulties with unhappiness or depression than the UK average.
  • More than 40% of blind and partially sighted people feel moderately or completely cut off from the people and things around them.

Many members have stated that their lives have been changed or even saved by the encouragement and friendship that England and Wales Blind Golf has provided.

Peter Smith, a volunteer, and a Trustee with responsibility for fundraising said ‘Matchroom Foundation’s Support will play a major part in achieving our objective of Transforming Lives. Every smile when a player hears their ball fall into the cup, or is applauded for a difficult shot, or when someone fresh to the fears of sight loss discovers the help and mutual understanding that is there for them, can only happen with the generosity of our funders.’