Case Study

James Hopkins Trust benefit from Foundation donation

The Matchroom Foundation has chosen to donate £10,000 to the Gloucestershire-based trust, the James Hopkins Trust who provide vital paediatric nursing respite care for young children. The Trust helps provide to severely disabled, life-limited, and life-threatened children under six. Supported by 40 staff, over 100 children in Gloucestershire have received 1,500 hours of nursing respite […]

Matchroom Foundation allows a further 140 children to receive the support they need, with continued support of Jessie May

The Matchroom Foundation has donated £30,500 a year for the next three years to enable a full time nurse to be funded on the Jessie May team and extend their reach to support even more children. Since the Foundation was established over £280,000 has been pledged to Jessie May following on from years of support […]

Matchroom Charitable Foundation invests in future of Sheffield charity with £40,000 donation

The Matchroom Sport Charitable Foundation has donated £40,000 to support Paces, the leading specialist centre, charity and school for individuals with Cerebral Palsy and motor disorders.

Cyclists Fighting Cancer receive £10,000 donation from MCF

Cyclists Fighting Cancer have received a £10,000 donation from the Matchroom Charitable Foundation enabling them to continue helping children living with and beyond cancer in the UK. Since 2005, Cyclists Fighting Cancer has helped over 7,000 children (up to and including the age of 18) living with and beyond cancer throughout the UK. They provide […]